How Fashion Is Seen as a Performative Art Essay

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| The Idea of Fashion as a Performance | Yashika Makan |

This essay refers to certain articles and talks about fashion and how it can be a performance art, and how certain components relate to it to enhance and back up the idea that fashion is a performative art. |

Can fashion be considered as a performative art or not? In my essay I will be referring to two main sources that indicate that it can be a performative art, showing a connection between fashion and music, how fashion/ style to communicate a meaning, how artists and designers whose work reflects the idea of fashion as performance.
As stated in the encyclopedia (1992, pg31):
Fashion is a term commonly used to
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Co-directed by Adria Petty, the pop culture dance video has a strong graphic black and white theme and Beyoncé’s make-up is distinctly mod-inspired.

Unlike Rihanna and Beyonce who don’t indicate any communicative meaning of any sort in their music video’s You da one and Countdown, Björk has a message that she wants to communicate through her third solo album Homogenic (1997) cover (Gindt 2011, pg 428).The photograph was shot by Knight and McQueen acted as artistic director. Björk is dressed like a multi-ethnic and slightly surreal character with influences from different and diverse cultures such as Japan, China, East Africa, and the Arctic region. Contact lenses and airbrushing give her simian eyes an alien-like quality. She wears a Japanese kimono and her hair is styled like a geisha. Ice flakes in the background communicate a cold Nordic atmosphere; they are also mirrored in and blend with the floral pattern of the fabric of the kimono. While a kimono usually covers the whole body, the front of this particular creation is opened to expose part of her chest and emphasize the East African neck rings. The Chinese-inspired long nails extend the natural contours of the body, while also conveying a sense of aggression; they are not