How Gender Roles Play A Role In How We Are Essay

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There is a point during our teenager years that we begin to worry too much about the opinion that others have of you. For many people it’s really important to make good first impressions, and fit in even though they have to act a certain way that is the complete opposite of who they really are. People do this to cause attention, and boost their own self esteem. Girls and Guys do this in a similar way. Research on sexual assault shows that some college women boost their own self esteem by dressing with provocative clothing, because that makes them feel wanted by men. I believe this is true in every college campus. From personal experience it is not very hard to spot the girl at the party that is there for reasons other than partying. She is way over dressed for the party, and wearing something that is 3 sizes smaller than the size she should be wearing, also wearing too much make up, and is definitely dancing in a way that her parents would probably be very upset about. These are some ways in which women dress, and act to cause attention, and get men interested in them. Men do the same things just in a different way. We might not dress fancy but the reason why most guys work out is not because they care about their health. Most guys work out and want to get “big” to be able to pick up girls. Even the guys that do care about their health, and work out to be better at the sports they play, or simply be healthy know on the back of their minds that having a nice body guarantees