How Grass Came Into Existance Essay

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“Zeno, Jerg, Er, Ess, Glew!”, was the boisterous alien – language countdown of Placid’s rocket ship as it shot off into the azure sky, forming a luminous fork of bright flashing to form, take the rocket ship in and then disappear into the intergalactic space.
Placid was one of the many planets where aliens existed many millions of centuries ago. That time, Earth was a bare extent of joining land with one king and one queen but no plants and trees or any other living things existed. Placid was sending me, Katherine, an inhabitant of their land to inspect Earth to see if the rumours were true. Back then, Placid was the most majestic, wondrous masterpiece there was and they always tried to keep their reputation but Earth was now getting their name of beauty; which meant rivalry.
A few hours later, after all my goodbyes were said to my family, I neared Earth when a catastrophe crossed me path. A massive, sudden atom flashed in front of the rocket ship causing me to shift it forcefully and without knowing that this was a very dangerous action of mine, I headed into a collection of atoms. Unfortunately, I crashed into these and fell unconscious but the rocket continued falling to one of the near planets.
“Excuse me, Miss”, hollered a stranger into my ear, “Are you alright?” Time had passed by without me knowing at all and I had landed into Earth, although I did not know of this. As I slowly regained energy, my eyes eventually opened to the grandest scenery that lay before me. Tall, slim pillars, mammoth – sized shiny mirrors, lily – white ceiling and a gorgeous chandelier overhead for me to stare in awe at. Other than material items, there stood three women staring at me with name tags pinned to green uniforms that they wore. The names that were imprinted on them were: Kaitlyn, Marie and Annabelle. Marie held out a glass of some bizarre sort of shimmering substance that had two solid, translucent blocks floating about in the cup. I then muttered my hometown language, supposedly asking ‘What is this?’ but they just had a tangled emotion plastered on each of their face and continued staring queerly at me.
Annabelle, who seemed the kindest, replied, “It is water”. I didn’t know what they meant by ‘water’ but still gulped down the liquid because it seemed safe. The trio then left the room and Kaitlyn left the remaining water from the jug on a coffee table close to me. I was still baffled of where or how I ended up at this location but kept my emotions hidden deep beneath me. As I was just about to get up, in came some muscular men clad in black who seemed to be protecting an attractive boy who wore a white tuxedo and a tiny glistening crown on his head. He looked me straight in the eye and it was almost like love at first sight. My heart began palpitating faster than usual. He then went into a corner with one of the men and began questioning him about me. I could tell from how he was looking at me constantly. Afterwards he came up to me and said, “Welcome to my soon – to – be palace”. I did not understand his language and put on a confused face. “Are from another planet?” he asked and I recognised the word ‘planet’ so I nodded at him. “This is Earth then” he replied with a gigantic, beaming smile. ‘This is Earth?’ I thought, ‘This is going to cause some rivalry’. Eventually he descended back to where he last was and left me in unaccompanied in the room. As soon as he left I inspected my environment and took virtual snapshots of it and stored it in my brain. I then went to sleep for the rest of the day to regenerate more of my used energy.
The very next day, I awoke in my same surroundings just in time to hear a whirring, lurid noise coming from outside. I abruptly raised from the bed and peeked outside a nearby window. I was completely bewildered! It was a rocket ship! I then sneaked quietly out the window hoping that no one in the palace heard this because it could be of my race. I felt a feeling