How Has Technology Changed Over Time

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How has Technology Changed over Time

Over the last decade technology has changed a lot. The changes in technology has brought great advancement to the transport, such that it is very easy and fast to go very long distances than before. It has also brought about change in communication, with the development of the mobile phones, where the communication is now more efficient. Technology has also brought about changes in education, where now these students can do online courses and do exams and get the various qualifications.

Today everybody has calculators and they run off of solar power not batteries. Even the means we tend to hear music has modified, from vinyl records, to tape to CD and currently MP3 players. These are simply many ways in which technology has modified, do not blink because things modification therefore rapidly the laptop you got yesterday isn't any longer the newest and greatest nor does it have the amount of memory you would like for the newest games.

Robots that are designed for military reasons also are finding purpose in clean up efforts of nuclear problems in such applications as at the nuclear energy facility in Japan that was recently smashed concerning by the devastating earthquake and tsunami, as a result of the nuclear reactors are broken and that they are emitting radiation, even absolutely unsafe materials groups are at severe risk of radiation contamination among many minutes of exposure. Robots are being sent in to scrub up the