How Has The NFL Dealt With Domestic Violence Cases?

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Jake Heaton
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How Has The NFL Dealt With Domestic Violence Cases?
The NFL has a reputation with dealing with domestic violence cases, and it’s not a good one. The NFL has been using bad judgment in recent cases involving domestic violence. They have been known to not deal with these issues as professionally as they should be handled. The most recent concern has been the problems Ray Rice, former running back of the Baltimore Ravens, has been having. He was recently suspended from the NFL after an altercation with his fiancé inside a hotel elevator that was caught on surveillance cameras. He may never play another game in the NFL, and if convicted of the felony, Rice may face a penalty of three to five years in prison. The NFL has not dealt with issues like this well in the past and they have not gotten any better since with this case. Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, has many questions to answer and his job may be in jeopardy after this one. The NFL continues to use bad judgment. Like I said this isn’t the first issue the NFL has had with domestic violence problems. Gloria Allred claimed that the NFL and Roger Goodell repeatedly disregarded domestic violence complaints about then Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall. The NFL conducted an incomplete investigation and only suspended Marshall for one game. The NFL also never got in contact with Marshalls girlfriend, Watley, and Goodell refused to respond to a letter written by Watley’s attorney. These issues with domestic violence are nothing new to the NFL. These issues aren’t just about suspending players they are bigger issues like the future of the NFL. They need to start making the correct choices. There is great controversy in the case with Ray Rice. He was originally suspended for two games by the NFL before the season for domestic violence issues. This was before any video was released and no one really knew what happened. Once the videos were released that showed the severity of the issue the public blew up. The