How Hiring Decisions Are Affected by Telecommuting and Diversity Essay examples

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HRM Improvement Outline
October 30, 2013St. James Acute Care Hospital Improvement Outline for Human Resource Manager:
As we all know in today’s society there are any trends that have been development in health care that would affect human resource management. As, the Human Resource manager here at St. James Acute Hospital; I would to focus on telecommuting and diversity. I believe strongly that both telecommuting and diversity would play a great deal with hiring decisions of future employment and the endurance of their employment.
I strongly believe that telecommuting can open doors of employment for many people who which to work in the comfort of their own setting such as home giving employee’s the flexibility of convince that they desire. The option of hiring people for telecommuting positions should entice applicants to apply, it is more appealing to those who taking care of an elderly parent or family member. One may have many reasons for not moving to a particular job location, we at St. James will not disqualify the position especially if they have the specified qualifications. Telecommuting can be beneficial to the hospital allowing more office space to be utilized for something else.
St James has a zero tolerance for any form discrimination and therefore; we welcome everyone with open arms regardless of their difference. Having a diversity workplace allows everyone to comfortable in the own skin regardless of their age, gender, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion and gender. Diversity training will also be available to all employees via web conference or in group settings. Everyone should be treated fair and with dignity in the workplace it is not only morally correct it is ethically correct. As our society approach equal representation among minorities employers must establish strategies that will focus on how we will change the way we obtain new employee’s and train them (Spinks, 2007). The staff at St. James knows that diversity may be difficult for many people to obey; we have established a diversity policy that would help with diversity issues
St. James Acute Hospital Diversity Policy
We will not tease one for their difference.
We will not make exclude one due to their difference.
We will not disrespect or try to embarrass anyone due to their difference.
We will not discriminate against employees for any difference that they may have physical or mental sexual orientation, age, gender, religion etc.
I believe it will be beneficial to have a daycare on the premise, by doing so it allow the employees a chance to make one trip from home and avoid the hassle of rushing trying to make it too work on time. Adult daycare can also be provided on the premise for employee’s that takes care of their elderly parents. There will be no need to drive mom or dad else where during the work week. It will make sense to bring them to work with you; it also gives new employee’s a sense of ease knowing they can go back to work knowing that their elderly family member is in the same building and they are able to visit them at any giving time. New mothers have the same opportunity to visit their newborns/toddlers in the daycare; we also know that it may be difficult to go back to work after maternity leave and it may cause new mothers to go through separation issues; it may ease the new mom pain knowing that she too can visit the baby on her lunch break.
The Managerial model is most appropriate for this organization, because many services are provided in this acute hospital, therefore a line of managers are provided for each department such as the nursing department, janitorial, dietary, and let’s not forget the day care and the adult care.
I believe the Strategy Role is the most effective strategy to implement and establish a useful relationship among the HR and organizations managers and senior’s executives. The first step is to determine what your mission for the organization and establish what