How I Learned My Writing Style

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This semester, I learned not only new styles of handwriting, but also to believe in myself. I knew this course would be very challenging for me, but I also knew it would be rewarding as well.
In lesson two, I learned about nine different types of handwritings. The first one, was Carolingian Miniscule. I found this the easiest to distinguish because it was the most readable. “The text uses conventional capitals, but the dedication is in these lower-case letters.”
Court Hand was another type of handwriting that I learned. “It is noticeably upright and packed together with exaggeratedly long ascenders and descenders, the latter often and the former occasionally brought round in sweeping crescent shaped curves"
Another type of handwriting that was packed together was Gothic Script. “Its pen-strokes are very closely packed together. That means you can fit more words on a line ... more lines on a page ... more text in a book. And in the days when all books in Europe were written on animal skins, employing Gothic lettering in book-copying meant fewer animal-skins per copy. That brought production costs down. However, there was (and is) a downside to all this efficient saving of space and animal hides. Often, the lettering in Gothic texts is so closely packed together, so formulaic, so regular and rhythmic, that it is difficult to read them.”
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“Secretary hand was a flowing, looping handwriting that was used to allow scribes to quickly copy.”
Another type of handwriting that was written fast was Spencerian Script. Spencerian Script “a unique oval-based penmanship style that could be written very quickly and legibly to aid in matters of business correspondence as well as elegant personal