How I Lost The Junior Miss Pageant Analysis

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In the essay "How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant," by Cindy Bosley That when she is a young girl she watched the Miss America Pageant. When she was watching the pageant she had her own form of scoring that she graded each participant. Her mom wants her to join the beauty pageant. When she had joined the beauty pageant she was not able to be successful because of her family economic status. It also does not help her when is on stage and has to answer one of the questions that she is asked that she had answered the question the wrong way. She realizes that not everyone is cut out to be in the Miss America Pageant. She notices that her mom just wanted her dreams to come true and for her to be successful. Like Bosley, I had a disappointment but mine happened on the baseball field, I learned that you need to know your body's limits.
This all occurred when I was a sophomore in high school I was playing baseball for the varsity baseball team. I have been on the team now for about a year I made the varsity baseball team as a freshman. I was one of the starting pitcher’s on the team and also played outfield. It was about two games into the season when I got my first start as a pitcher, and we were going up a school that was not in our conference. Cross-Lex was the school that we were playing that day and it was cold outside
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When Bosley say’s “…from the age seven or, so carefully laid out an elaborate chart so I might also participant as an independent judge of the most beauty contents in the world.”(33) I can relate to Bosley because when I was young I would go to the district baseball games when they were hosted in Marysville and dream of one day being able to pitch in that high level game. Now being so close to being able to pitch in the game preparing all season to be in that position and one day during practice that opportunity was taken away by