Essay on How Important is Character in the Election of Our President?

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How important is character in the election of our President?

Webster’s Dictionary defines character as “the aggregate (total-combined) of features

and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing; moral or ethical quality;

qualities of honesty,courage or the like; integrity or reputation.” To me, character is the

qualities that make up a person - good or bad qualities.

So, how important is it, to choose a president based only on his character? Some

would be quick to say that character is the most important factor to consider. They should be

honest, caring-yet strict, and loyal; they should set a good example for us as Americans to

follow; they should have a firm desire to improve our country; they should be of utmost moral

behavior. I can agree on some of these factors being most important, specifically, a firm desire

to improve our country.

However, when I look at the bigger picture- a lot of those traits are not as important. In

my eyes, the most important factor to consider in choosing our president should be how the

candidate feels about the issues facing our country, and what that candidate will do to fix

problems and also further our country for the better. The reason I feel this way can be

attributed to many things in our country’s history of past presidents. As always, we can learn

many things if we look at our history.

In the aspect of morality,many of our presidents have had extramarital affairs. I have

chosen a few that are more noteworthy, and “stick out” so to speak, than others. Also, I have

considered at least one president who did not have an affair.

Franklin D Roosevelt had a love affair with Lucy Page Mercer, his wife’s social

secretary. Therefore, his character can be questioned, but we must look further, and

contemplate the good he did for this country. He was one of the most beloved Commander in

Chiefs, who led the country and its allies to victory in World War II. He also created the New

Deal, that would help lift our country out of the Great Depression.

Although John F Kennedy was said to have had many affairs, including a romance with

Marilyn Monroe, he brought new spirit to the country. He was a fantastic public speaker. He

stood up to the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He helped promote the Civil

Rights Movement by desegregating the military, post office, government service, and several

school districts. He also started the Peace Corps, and helped our country in the race to put a

man on the moon.

Bill Clinton is said to have had more than one affair, including one with Paula Jones,

and the very public one with