How important is 'The Watch'? Essay

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How important is ‘The Watch’?
The watch, a futuristic film set in 2012 from Glenview, Ohio, USA. Featuring Ben Stiller (as Evan), Vince Vaughn (as Bob), Johan Hill (as Franklin) and a touch of Britain with Richard Ayoade (as Jamarcus). In this article I will show how this film is important to me and has (not so obvious) meaningful influences.
This violent, comedy futuristic film is not only just what I want to see in a film but it showed very important influences that you just couldn’t predict from the cover. The film is about one man (Evan) forming a neighbourhood watch to find the murderer of his security guard.
Evan found 3 men (Bob, Franklin and Jamarcus) to help him uncover the mystery as cops do nothing to help. This showed that if the ‘good’ in the world are no help, you should do it yourself! Despite the cops saying on live TV for the citizens to help, they did not like the idea of a neighbourhood watch. They even said to Evan “Neighbourhood Watch? What a f*cking joke!”
Evan wants the group to find the murderer and help the town if they’re in trouble. Bob is just looking to get away from his family and have a few drinks with some guys. Franklin, who failed in becoming a cop, just wants to show them that he’s cut out to succeed in his dream. Jamarcus claims to say he’s recently divorced, wants to help find the murderer and wants a sexual fantasy for him to come true.
However there’s one very important thing I haven’t told you about Jamarcus, but I’ll get to that later…
Even before officially forming, the watch couldn’t get along. In the first minute of explaining what he wanted, Bob had to interrupt and request for the group to go to his place and have a few beers, which Evan didn’t want to provide. This shows that not everyone can get along immediately, and to become the best, you almost definitely won’t get along to begin.
To become a successful group you will have to do a bit more than put a few posters up. What Evan shows us to do is to speak up! During half time of an American football match. Yes he was laughed at but his speech formed the group that saved the world from certain death.
If you’re interested in what would cause the death, it turns out that, with no help from the cops, the watch found an alien which killed a citizen and removed the skin of the victims to disguise themselves as humans. And that is how Costco’s security guard died.
When the watch come across the success of finding an alien, they also come across a mysterious silver ball type object. The group split in two as Bob and Franklin try to find any clues of a disturbance where Jamarcus and Evan find the victim of the disturbance.
If you’re still interested in what I haven’t told about Jamarcus. It’s that he’s actually an alien in disguise! I will say more about that later, which is very important to the films plot and is the key to the watch’s success.
The victim was lying on the floor, with all his skin missing. And a load of goo near. Jamarcus demands him and Evan run away, as he knows what caused it. Evan sees an alien and tries to act friendly. That doesn’t work as the alien throws him away and threats Jamarcus. Evan thinks he kills the alien and presents it to the watch.
As the watch find more alien secrets Jamarcus is always telling them to stop. Like he knows something about them. But eventually he is convinced to use a mysterious machine… To blow up a cow. Anyway; as the alien is presented, after a few…