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How Intelligent is a Dog, Really? Have you ever wonder about what your dog is thinking? Have you ever thought how smart your dog is? Dogs can be very smart if we train them properly between rights from wrong. If we train are dogs great they will have better intelligence then if we didn’t train them. Might be surprised as how smart your dog may really be. Dogs are man’s best friend and they are and they can protect his owner very well and may be able to teach his owner a thing or too. There are a few ways to see how smart your dog is and that’s by doing dog tests. One way is to sit your dog, put a treat on the floor, place a kind of box over the treat and release the dog and see what he does. Another way is to put two chairs facing each another that make a V with a tiny gap in the middle, sit your dog outside the V by the gap, and release. You may even want to just tie a treat to a shoe lace, put it under the sofa with the string sticking out, and encourage the dog to just get the string. An easy test would to just throw a big towel on your dog and see what he does. You could also just stand at your backdoor and to get your dog outside is to get a treat and place it on the ground outside and see if he will come. Lastly you can also just but a treat under a soup can and just see if he will knock it over to get a treat. Those are a few ways to get to know your dog’s intelligence. Dog’s can be smarter than we think, if you have a dog for a very long time you may want to know about what his intelligence can do. Dogs become more a part of our lives the more we spend time with our dogs. Dogs can have the ability to learn out life styles and even learn much about what our language means. Although, if you have a dog that doesn’t have a great past, acknowledge it, but don’t dwell on it. There are also four different ways to do this, evolving in a particular odor, becoming more flexible, and cleverer as you go through the list. A dog is
2 categorized in personality types, which includes: Einstein, Expert, Socialites, Stargazer, Charmer, Renaissance, and Pro-to dog, Maverick, and Ace. Dogs can be compared to other dogs by breed, age, size as we as other breeds. Dog’s performances on test can reflect traits more than intelligence, like confidence, greed, activities level, and more. Dogs have been human companions and have been helpers for many years. Two things that are common to dogs are shyness and caution. Dogs are assigned personality typed from their character traits. Dogs can be really intelligent to know how to know your life schedule and that they have personality types. Scientist have done some tests on dog to test how intelligent they are and some test we can do without even knowing we are. In the past few years animal behaviorists have discover a deal about what makes an animal behave the way it does. Communication tests how a dog uses the information