How Is Atticus Untruthful In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird is an eye opening book by Harper Lee. The book takes place in Maycomb, Alabama in the 1930s. Scout, a little girl who is the narrator. The book follows Jem (her brother), and Atticus (her dad). A few chapters into the book Scout visits her Aunt, Alexandra, Atticus's sister, who has a meddling and rude personality. Throughout the first part of the book, it shows how Alexandra filled her grandson, Francis, with untruthful nonsense about Scout and her family. Even though she is tries to change the Finches, Atticus still loves his sister. He always tries to make Jem and Scout see her as a good person. She is rude and untruthful, but really tries to do what’s best for the Finches. Aunt Alexandra is the typical southern lady, …show more content…
It starts off with Alexandra telling Scout to wear dresses, act like a lady, and to have better manners. Then she tells Atticus that he is raising them wrong and they need a motherly figure. Atticus taking that information in invites her to stay with them for a while. Doing so Alexandra intends to change the family. On page 182 Alexandra is trying to convince Atticus that they don’t need Calpurnia and that she is affecting Scout negatively. The first time Aunt alexandra really changes is after the trial when Atticus comes home and Alexandra murmurs to him “I’m sorry brother.”. This doesn’t look like much but she said brother and after she says this Scout even points out she never said brother, and she was truly sad that Tom robinson and Atticus had lost. After Tom Robinson was shot dead she had a ministry group over at the Finch's house. During this time Alexandra had really changed, she was clearly uncomfortable when some of the women talked bad about Atticus and when they talked about the trial. Though she did not tell them to stop talking about it when she went to the kitchen with Mrs. Maudie she was mad and she shed a few tears. This really shows her growth over the time she had spent at the