How Is Cleopatra Related To The Rise Of The Roman Empire

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From the beginning of the Ptolemaic period in 305 BC to 31 BC, Egypt was under the control of the pharaohs. During this Graeco-Egyptian Hellenistic period, Egypt was considered one of the great powers of the world and expanded its rule with ease. However, with the Roman Empire becoming associated with the Ptolemy rulers, there was a significant decline in territories held on the Egyptians behalf, yet the thriving country was still able to preserve the wealth and status it acquired. By 51 BC, the state of Egypt was deteriorating due to the constant pressures from Rome, loss of lands, and famine in Egypt. The arrival of Cleopatra VII, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, allowed Egypt to rise to its past successful status.

This contentious and illustrious pharaoh is perhaps the
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When the rug was opened, Cleopatra immediately charmed Caesar who recognised the potential of being lovers and allies with this woman. That same evening, Cleopatra seduced Caesar, who was married, and became his lover, but more importantly linked herself with the Roman Empire which would assist with her plan of ruling Egypt once again. Caesar managed to return Cleopatra to her throne and she gave birth to their son, …show more content…
Using her charm and seductiveness once again, Cleopatra was able to successfully integrate herself with Mark Antony, a powerful man part of a powerful empire. This also got the Egyptian Pharaoh, an alliance with the Roman Empire. Mark Antony was quick to fall in love with the beauty and nobility of Cleopatra however, she saw another opportunity to restore the old glory of her Ptolemaic descent. Cleopatra found a sense of stability with him since he was becoming one of the most powerful men in Rome and obtained similar political importance as Julius