How Is Discrimination Different From Prejudice And Stereotyping?

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Appendix C

Part I

Define the following terms:

Term Definition
Discrimination Discrimination is the prejudice towards an individual based on their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality.

Institutional discrimination Mistreatment of an individual or group within businesses, governments, schools, healthcare facilities, as well as many other social entities.

Political correctness Alter language, ideas, behavior, and policies that are seen as offensive. PC is often used mockingly as well as to correct language that may exclude or defend people.

Part II

Write a 150- to 250-word response to each of the following questions:

How is discrimination different from prejudice and stereotyping? Prejudice is a person’s attitude towards members of a group that is based primarily on the fact that he or she is an individual in that group. Stereotyping is pointing out the “typical” characteristics of members of a certain group; i.e.: Asians are the worst drivers. Though that is not true, people see one individual support it and automatically feel that the group as a whole has all the same qualities. While prejudice and stereotyping is the ideas, thoughts, or attitude towards people, discrimination is that way that someone acts towards the people they have a prejudice against. Discrimination is the actual action towards those people or groups. The act can be anything from not hiring a certain race to not inviting someone to a party because of their ethnicity. Someone who stereotypes or holds a certain amount of prejudice towards a certain group my still socialize with members of those groups while discrimination often involves writing of that group completely.

• What are the causes of discrimination?

There are many causes of discrimination. These causes include but are not limited to social media, how a person was raised, and an individuals thoughts and feelings towards a certain group. Ever since 911 and all the talk of war in Iran and Iraq I have noticed that people act differently towards people who look like they might be from the Middle East. This is where social media plays its part. It puts ideas into people’s heads and some people might start acting towards those feelings and thoughts. How a person feels about another is purely by choice, we choose to feel certain ways about certain people and we also choose how to act on those feelings. I knew a boy growing who would not talk to his Black classmates. When I asked him why