How Is Ethos Used In Chasing Ice

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Chasing Ice is a documentary of how climate change is affecting earth and its surroundings. It was a film that was worked on since 2007 and published in 2012. The filmmaker was Jeff Orlowski. It shows how the climate change is causing ice to melt in very cold places in just a matter of time and how it is affecting our everyday lives without us realizing that our actions cause us problems. It shows how humans have the power to destroy nature! Even though James used pathos and logos to persuade the audience, James didn’t fully develop on ethos.

Pathos was used very nicely in persuading the audience to do something about what is going on. According to James, many natural disasters have been caused by climate change. Not only that, but the fact that the ice is melting means a lot. "The icebergs took 6 months to melt." something that lasted so long literally melted in just months perhaps minutes. The documentary focused on showing the world what they didn’t want to hear with images of the ice melting from month to month they show us more than what you need to see. Also, throughout the film he showed how he was
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He takes great quality pictures and with the knowledge he has of earth and its highest points he can guide us through the film. In addition the film provided us with another credible person that takes this topic seriously. According to the film Todd was another majored scientist, "Dr. Todd Pfeffer: Glaciologist from the University of Colorado." Todd studies very closely the internal dynamics and the effects of glaciers. He works at a well known college. We have enough credible sources to take this film as a joke. The film shows how what is being said is mostly true. Todd makes sure to show us in the film how the glazers are melting and how its happening to them. Ethos is a very credible way to prove something that will make the people notice the damage that is being caused to