How Is Information Technology Different From An Information System

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How is Information technology different from an information system? Why is it important for business professionals to know about MIS? Is it important to have a secure password within Information Technology and Information Systems?

A comprehensive Information System is required throughout a business organization. The importance of information system must be felt and understood at all levels of the organization. Organizational policies and practices are as important as technology in providing information structure and assurance. Policies identify structures, ensure accountability, establish procedures and using technical ways of protection and handling access, create supports for security gaps, and require employee function of an organization.

By definition, an Information System is a collection of objects, ideas, and concepts assembled to form a purpose. For a business organizational setting, it constitutes large system of hardware, software, data, procedures and people to construct that information system. Information technology by definition would combine some of these components to be responsible for providing grounds for storage, protection, process, and flow of information. Information technology cannot stand alone. It is a component absorbed within a system of people and procedure to become an overall goal and objective.

Business organization use information technology to cultivate their business needs. Without understanding the correlation of their information technology with their business needs, goals and objective of the organization, the business organization will not see an increase in productivity or improvement in services to stay ahead of the competition or survival. Management of information systems becomes more effective to their business needs by looking at their own survival and ability to continue to update their own strategic goals and objective with use of information technology. Whether business professionals provide a product or service, business professional have to continue refining