How Is Our World Going To Function Without Psychologist?

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How is our world going to function without psychologist? When a couple is having problems they go to couples counseling. When something traumatic happens in a person’s life, that person goes to a psychologist. But what if every type of psychologists didn’t exist anymore? Who would people turn to when they’re in trouble? Behavioral science isn’t an essential science in the governments’ eyes. This type of science isn’t funded like a bank or research for cancer would be. It’s quite possible that if behavioral science continues to be slimly funded, psychologists of all kind could be out of jobs and existence in ten to fifteen years.
Psychologists don’t only help those with an unhealthy mind. Counselors are also used for people who have family problems, marriage problems, couples problems, are depressed, have had a traumatic experience, and many other variety of things. Just as society needs doctors of all kinds to keep people’s physical health in check, society also needs counselors and psychiatrists to keep people’s mental health in line. Having psychologists go out of existence doesn’t just affect the people who have those jobs, it affects all of America. With psychologists of all kind out of the picture, people who would usually go receive help for their insanity wouldn’t have a place to go. They wouldn’t be able to cure their mind and would be wandering the streets, possibly even hurting people. Do all mentally unstable people go to counseling? No. However, “psychology professions require a bachelor's degree at the very minimum”, ( like psychiatric wards to lock people up and keep them off the streets. If behavioral science isn’t funded enough, America might not have enough money to keep these wards open. The American community does not need the crime rate to rise- which getting rid of psychologists will cause this effect. Especially if psychiatric wards disappear, the really mentally crazy ones will have nowhere to be locked up. They can’t be put in a jail cell because they haven’t committed any crime. Some are born with certain mental disorders so it isn’t their fault that they are crazy. Not only are the jobs and people who go to psychologist at stake, but also the safety of American citizens. Behavioral and social science is funded roughly $3,000 per year. That money goes towards furthering the knowledge of “fundamental mechanisms and patterns of behavioral and social functioning, relevant to the Nation's health and well-being, as they interact with each other, with biology and the environment.”( This research helps develop new ideas to reduce risky behaviors and improving health. With this being the basis of what behavioral science covers, $3,000 dollars a year is not nearly enough to efficiently get the right information and studies functioning. The government has tried to improve the funding by giving more money but from the year 2009 to 2012, the amount of money they funded only raised by $211 dollars. Behavioral and social science research covers finding new products and marketing them to the public. Creating a new drug (like a drug to help fix the mind) takes about 5 billion dollars. Sure there are grants- like the NIH challenge grant for health a science research- but that grant only covers the research. The rest of the process, like actually creating the drug and getting it on the market, comes from what behavioral science gets funded. It’s not nearly the right amount and it needs to be increased. Things such as mental health are only funded 2,129 dollars. Mental health “refers to our cognitive, and/or emotional wellbeing - it is all about how we think, feel and behave. Mental health, if somebody has it, can also mean an absence of a mental disorder.” ( For people that say that therapists don’t really help, that couldn’t be farther