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How IS Will Function in the New Organization and Why

The Information System will play key role in Facebook to manage the network activities effectively. Following services Facebook implemented for Information System. * It will maintain better Member records, such as member’s files and photos and maintains a tracking record. It also maintains ethnicity of members, new facilities that need to implement according to market changes. It provides better networking facilities. The Facebook provides web application, where it manages different types of games for members, and Better recreation clubs online. It will maintain all this information, where people can access this information to get connected to friends and family and colleagues effectively. The Budgetary information will be maintained about how money is received and how money is spent on various activities for maintain a diverse workforce. All reports can be maintained, monitored and tracked. To the employees of Facebook, can provide mobile access, so that, for any complaint and on the field, management can easily access whether assigned work has been completed on time or not. The information system is separate department for the Facebook, where they will develop and maintain these applications and make sure these applications are running on 24x7. The technical team will constantly upgrade their system to provide better facilities to the people. If above activities are not maintained thru Information System, it is very difficult to maintain manually all this information and will not be up to date to provide correct info to the people of Facebook. Over the period of time, the data is so big; the resource may not be able to search particular data manually. It will give bad experience when people are interacting with government and they may feel, the government is not at all taking care of the people.
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