How It Sinks in Essay

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How It Sinks In
Unit 2 Exercise
Christina Miller
LAS301: The Adult Learner
Siena Heights University
May 19, 2013

How it sinks in After taking the Multiple Intelligence Quiz (Cherry, 2013), I discovered my learning profile. The quiz consists of several different questions that are answered by selecting the answer that best fits your demeanor. There are several categories that can be identified with types of learners, these are: Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Visual-Spatial, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Musical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, and Naturalistic. Each learning type is defined by giving common characteristics of each category. Upon learning the results of the quiz, he or she can decide how to tailor their learning to better suite their understandings. Going a step further, once they identify with one of these learning types, it can help them determine what career they would be best suited (Cherry, 2013). My mode of learning is thru Logical-Mathematical Intelligence. This is a learning type that is “centered on the ability to reason, identify patterns and solve problems. People with this type of intelligence are good at using numbers as well as spotting relationships and patterns in numerical data.” (Cherry, 2013). I agree with the MI quiz results for me, because I believe I use reasoning skills, logical thinking and enjoy learning the science behind how things work. When I am in day to day tasks or trying to learn something new, I first try and see a pattern or associate to an idea where there is an equation and a result. If this is not available, my next line of working the problem out is to compare it to something I have learned in the past. When there are patterns in situations, I am able to see the logic and see how the final result. My current career path is in the Cardiology space of the medical field. I use the logic in situation, action, and result mentality almost daily. I was just at a training course for a new procedure and technique that will help benefit patients that were merely treated with medicines in the past. During this course, I…