How Kristin Died: a Case Study on Public Administration Essay

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Case Study #1

How Kristin Died

The case study “How Kristin Died” exhibits the obvious problems that come from neglect of the bureaucratic system and what types of tragedy can occur, as a result. This particular case ended with the murder of Kristin Lardner and negatively altered the lives of many people involved. However, when the information about the murderer, Michael Cartier, is presented in a timeline, it is obvious that if the bureaucratic systems involved would have take more precautions, this tragedy would have never occurred.
January 30, 1992 Michael Cartier and Kristin Lardner meet in a Boston Nightclub.
March 1992 Cartier beats and assaults Kristin for the first time.
April 16, 1992 Kristin and Cartier’s last date.
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Kristin was starting to get her life on track in the month following her break up, when Cartier shot her three times on the corner of Commonwealth Avenue.
Rose Ryan
When Rose Ryan was watching TV and heard the news that Michael Cartier had killed another young woman, she was in complete shock. Rose had also dated Cartier and had experienced his abuse and anger issues. Rose had fallen into Cartier’s controlling trap and postponed college due to his wishes. While Rose dated Cartier he destroyed a wall in their apartment, killed her gray kitten, and repeatedly assaulted her. Rose contacted Cartier’s probation officer, Tom Casey, after he attacked her with a pair of scissors and threatened to kill her multiple times.

Tom Casey
As previously mentioned, Tom Casey was Michael Cartier’s current probation officer. When Rose Ryan contacted him about the abuse she received from Cartier, Casey obtained a warrant for his arrest. However, it took more than a month for Cartier to finally be arrested. Tom Casey even took extreme measures by making a visit to the magistrate to see to it that Cartier was off the streets, and the women he was harming were protected.
Problems and Solutions
One obvious issue regarding public administration with this case, is the lack of communication between the bureaucratic agencies. In my opinion, more bureaucratic agencies need access to the other’s files and information. Perhaps if information regarding Michael Cartier, such as the