How Do Leaders Develop Leaders

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How Leaders Develop Leaders
To recruit the CEO from the inside is a very good policy for Intel even it is good for other company. First, the next CEO’s candidates have already worked in the company for a long time and they must know the culture and structure of the company better than the man who from outside. Even though the company hires an outstanding CEO from outside, the new CEO has to spend at least 2 years to understand the company’s culture, to know the people relationship, build up his own charisma among the followers, to know the company’s status and structure and so on. Why the company takes this risk? Besides, if a good senior staff who worked in the company tries to recommend the next CEO’s candidates, he must use his own standard to choose, in other words, this senior staff has already screened out the candidates who he thinks it doesn’t fit for the company.
To be a company’s CEO, it is not only how many degrees or experience you have, but also need to have the talent of using people. Although Paul Otellini doesn’t have a degree in science or engineering, he knows how to use his followers. He really understands which kinds of people are fit for the company and send the right person to the right place. The leader must help followers rethink rational ways to examine a situation. He encourages followers to be creative. Secondly, the leader needs to define the roles needed to do the job and tells followers what, where, how, and when to do the tasks, provides followers with structured instructions but is also supportive. In addition, the leader also needs to inform followers about what must be done to receive the rewards they prefer.
Although to recruit the CEO from the inside is a good policy, not all the company can directly copy this policy from Intel. To replace the CEO of the company does not simply like to replace a basic level worker. It is related to the company's mission, way of doing business, and human resource management. In this process, the communication and information sharing between the old and the new CEO are both very important. Such as when is the opportunity for the new CEO establish prestige among the staffs, what is the relationship between the small collective in the company, what the relationship between the company and the external partners and so on. Intel has formed a CEO inheritance mode: the date of CEO replacement will be announced in