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"La maldecida" or "The Cursed Woman"

One weekend I went to my grandmamma house, my Grandma lived in a two story house in the small town of Coryville, Missouri. The house was very beautiful, it was white, with a red door, and blue shudders. I think my grandma moved into the house in the late 90's. I loved visiting her but something always put a shiver down my spine. I was staying in the room down the hall, and this room was a special room because not many people stayed in it, it was mainly a guest room.
During the first night I went to bed in the guest room, I tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t because I felt a strange vibe. I could feel a chilling wind blowing in the room but the window wasn’t open, then I started to hear a noise like if someone was weeping in pain it sounded demonic. It went on for about 5 mins then I fell asleep.
The second night we had a family gathering, I felt tired so I went to bed early, as I was walking down the hallway, I felt the same chills from the previous night. When I got to my room,i went to my bed and lay down, when all of a sudden I heard footsteps coming from the window towards the hallway, I went under my covers and hide. Once under the covers i heard someone saying "come here my child, come with me", I was getting terrified so I covered my ears and went to sleep.
The last night at grandma's was the most horrifying night of my life it was to insoluable, it was 11:oo at night when we finished watching a movie, I was getting tired so I went to bed , while I was walking down the hallway I once again felt the same chills I had the night before. I mentioned it to my grandma and she said "the ac might be on a little", so I didn’t think much of it, I went to sleep, then I started to feel cold , while I was half asleep I felt my blankets being slightly pulled, then i felt someone touching my toes , then all of a sudden I felt someone grab my ankles then I panicked, I opened my eyes and there in front