how love is presented in romeo and juliet and my last duchess essay

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nine-hundred-year-old-name Links to Romeo and Juliet Contrasts and
Similarities 'Over my lady's wrist too much,' or 'Paint must never hope to reproduce the faint half-flush that dies along her throat':' Possession In the peom My Last Duchess the duke of the poem has a very distinctive attitude towards women in line 32-34 i quote:

'She ranked
My gift of a nine-hundred-year-old-name with anybody’s gift' On the second line he shows his priorities and shows how he ranks his name, his nine hundred year old name, over their relationship, he also uses enjambment to continue his sentence and to give his sentence a natural and realistic flow. Also he shows materialism by ranking his name above her showing how he thinks material objects are worth more than things like love and the dashes in between the words shows a fast pased flow or rant about how important his name is, it also sticks out and emphasis the point too the reader as it is easily noticeable. This links with Capulet from Romeo and Juliet who ranks status and titles over love, For example when he is arguing with tybalt he tells him not to fight him as romeo is a well regarded and a man of honour which shows how he rates honour over things like the dispute between the families The Quote shows how jealous the duke was about the apparent relationship between the Duchess and the painter he visualizes images of what the painter might have or had told ger, he also describes how the painter drew such a perfect picture with his half-flush, he may also be suggesting a threat saying no-one should ever reproduce the image ever again. Lord Capulet Superiority The first line in this poem shows his attitudes towards women it says 'she ranked' as if she is unworthy or too low to rank something of his as a woman, this shows his inferior attitudes towards women. On the second line he shows his priorities