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-4781551273810How manipulation of the body is shown through photography?
00How manipulation of the body is shown through photography?
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In my essay I will be investigating how manipulation of the body is shown through photography. I will do this by looking at different techniques that could show manipulation,for example Photoshop which would relate back to my previous work for A1 UNIT 2, This involved me
-499110-1830705How manipulation of the body is shown through photography?
00How manipulation of the body is shown through photography? using lots of Photoshop techniques which helped me to create the final outcome. Now for unit 3 I feel that continuing the use of Photoshop will help me progress and gain more knowledge and skills on a program that I enjoy using. Throughout the rest of the essay I will be analyzing artists of my own choice that I have used for inspiration, Then relating it back to my work and show how its answers my original question. Manipulation is the editing techniques on photographs in order to create an illusion or deception after the original photography that took place. For example, using Photoshop to change the appearance of someone’s body in a photograph, using scale could be an example of manipulation.
Other techniques that could be considered are slow shutter speed to create a sense of movement from the body, this would then show some change in the body and distort it. The use of colour is another main technique that is often used for manipulation for example; using an unnatural body colour to change someone’s appearance either by Photoshop or physically changing the body, before the photograph is taken. This could be achieved by using paint for example. The human skin is a very good canvas to use when dealing with manipulation, projection is a technique of using a LCD video camera to project images. This is a way of manipulation because you are changing the original look of the body by combining other photographs and projecting them on to the skin and changing the body, this could be done byusing different colours or textures from the image. I have chosen to work with manipulation because I feel like there are lots of different ways I can show how the body is changed or adjusted. Like working with Photoshop in the media, thousands of photos are edited everyday by retouching, making people younger and skinner. Blemishing there skin so it’s perfect. This is a perfect way to show how easy it is to change the appearance of somebody by technology.
23495-675640Wanda Wulz
00Wanda Wulz
4194175-795020Name of Piece – Lo+GattoPhotographer – Wanda Wulz
00Name of Piece – Lo+GattoPhotographer – Wanda Wulz
The first artist I have decied to research and analyse
3496945-42545000 I have chosen for investigation is Wanda Wulz who is
Known for being an experimental photographer. Wulz carries out different techniques to create studies of bodies in motion such as photo dynamism which is the term used to describe the process of key lighting and long exposures tocapture sudden gestures. Also there is superimposition which refers to the placement of an image or a video on top of an already existing image/video, usually to add effect or to cover parts up. This is one of my favorite pieces of work from Wulz called Lo+Gatto. This photograph was originally created by two separate photographs by placing the positive layers on top of each other to merge them together this was achieved by layering multiple negatives on top of each other. The use of tone gives the photograph a lot more depth and makes it seem more realistic. Although I believe that the photographer wants to create this images