How Might The Business You Have Chosen Improve The Way That It Motivates Its Employees

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Controlled Assessment question:
“How might the business you have chosen improve the way that it motivates its staff?”

For my controlled assessment the business that I’m going to focus on is Jaguar Land Rover. I will be analysing how they motivate their employees based at their local production plant which is in castle Bromwich, Birmingham as this is also local to where I live. The ownership type for this business is a public limited company; which is run by Tata Motors. Jaguar Land Rovers headquarter is located in Whitley, Coventry. They employee 19,000 employees directly. Jaguar Land Rovers manufacture and sell vehicles. They have been in operation for 90years.

The term Motivation means something that is maybe offered in
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This also goes for child care on site as some people may not be parents. However this graph isn’t really reliable as I only asked 5 people.

For my secondary research I looked into how Google motivates their staff and offering free food as one of their perks. Google provide its employees with free food by having a wide range of cafes for their employees to choose from, they can have breakfast, lunch, and even dinner if they are working late. This is one of the many reasons why Google are so successful in business, as it can increase the employee’s energy levels and make them more alert. An article states, “Its offices in Mountain View, California, and Manhattan have more than 35 canteens offering fresh, delicious meals and hundreds of pantry-like “micro-kitchens” stocked with snacks and beverages (including Kind granola bars and Stump town coffee). And it’s all free” ( Overall this helps staff keep motivated and focused throughout their work shift.
Method 2: Chill out Areas
Jaguar offering chill out areas to their employees will increase their willingness to want to do more work knowing that after their long hour working shift they have time to chill out. This is because they are given the opportunity to actually have a break and when ready to come back to work they are refreshed and ready to go from