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I have said somehthing about the belt conveyor, such as its conveyor systerms, pneumatic conveyor systems and vibrating conveyor systems. But have you heard of the flexible conveyor systems? If you have not ever heard of it, today our expert of HXJQ will talk something about it. I think you can read this article with your a little time.

We all know that the conveyor belt is used widely spaced, large diameter wheels and had much lower friction loss than line shafts, and had one-tenth the initial cost. To supply small scale power that was impractical for individual steam engines, central station hydraulic systems were developed. Hydraulic power was used to operate cranes and other machinery in British ports and elsewhere in Europe. The largest hydraulic system was in London. Hydraulic power was used extensively inBessemer steel production.

The flexible conveyor is based on a conveyor beam in aluminium or stainless steel, with low friction slide rails guiding a plastic multi-flexing chain. Products to be conveyed travel directly on the conveyor, or on pallets/carriers. Alignment of the system was critical and problematic for long shafts that were subject to expansion and contraction, settling and vibration.

These belt conveyors can be worked around obstacles and keep production lines flowing. They are made at varying levels and can work in multiple environments. They are used in food packaging, case packing, and pharmaceutical industries but also in retail stores such as Wal-Mart and Kmart. With factory electrification in the early 1900s, many line shafts began converting to electric drive. In early factory electrification only large