How Obesity Relates to Socioeconomic Status Essay

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Unit three: task 2

(i) All of the factors for discussion in this report are the needs that the Cole family have to have, how kais accident and needs has affected the family in positive and negative ways, the different socio-economic factors and how each one has affected Mr Cole and finally the lifestyle of different people and how people live different lifestyles.

(ii) There are physical factors in kais life that influence him in both positive and negative ways. These physical factors are when he was well he had the ability to play sports very well, this affected him in a positive way because he enjoyed it and it kept him fit and healthy. As a result of the accident he had physical difficulties and this affected him in a negative way because he couldn’t do the sports he loved anymore. Another physical effect is that his school has the right facilities and staff to accommodate his disability and meet his needs; this affects him in a good way because he can get the right help and make sure he’s looked after.

(iii) The term socio economic factor means the social economic factors that help shape the different sections in a person’s personality, attitudes and lifestyle. People can link these socioeconomic factors with high/low crime rate, education, income and occupation, place of residence, culture/ethnicity and religion. Following on I will be explaining using examples how these following factors influence and affect the health and needs of Mr Cole:

- Social factors-this affects him because he hasn’t been able to express his thoughts and feelings about kais accident and finds it hard to socially interact.
- Employment- this affects him because he may have lost his job due to the global recession and recent ‘cut-backs’.
- Housing-because of kais accident his parents have had to make adaptations to their house so kais needs can be met.
- Income- if Mr Cole loses his job then they will be getting much less money and their quality of life may decrease.
- Accessibility to services- this will affect Mr Cole because it will probably become better due to Kai having to have a lot of care Mr Cole will always have the services that he needs to help with Kai.
- Education- This affects Mr Cole because he will be able to become educated on how to look after a disabled child this could then lead him to getting a job in this area of occupation.
- Gender- this may affect Mr Cole because kais a boy and Mr Cole may of wished to be able to do things with his son e.g. play football with him, but cant anymore due to Kai being paralysed so he may feel as if he’s missing out.
- Culture- this may affect the way Mr Cole treats