Essay about How Organizational Behavior Will Make Me an Effective Manager.

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There are many models and concepts explained in Organizational Behavior that will influence my actions to become an effective manager. In regards to my own characteristics, I am very adaptable to work situations and I like to brainstorm various solutions to the problem. This is related to the contingency approach in which a person uses management tools and techniques in a situational appropriate manner. When a problem arises, it is vital that a manager should analyze multiple solutions and look at the situation from different perspectives. After carefully reading the situation, a manager should act accordingly based on experience, training, other role-models and prior knowledge. Therefore, the contingency approach is one of the main …show more content…
In relation to my relationships on others and how they will influence my choices, I think that it is important to keep an open mind and have effective listening and communication skills. There is a quote that says, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood". This is directly related to empathetic listening. Many employees or team members will want to voice their opinions and ideas. By listening to their ideas with an open mind and giving constructive feedback, you create an atmosphere for open communication and support for ideas. Another concept that was not mentioned in the textbook but was brought up in my Project Management class is Management by Wandering Around (MBWA). This concept explains a management style in which managers are able to stay in touch with key project members or employees through face-to-face interactions by wandering around outside of the office. Effective project managers maintain frequent contact with team members to stay aware of developments, anticipate potential problems, provide encouragement, and reinforce objectives of the project. This is one of the major concepts that I want to practice to maintain relationships with my workers as a manager.
The best situation that would be best for me when I first become a manager is an organization that is decentralized and encourages interactions between employees and management. In order to become an