Essay on How PepsiCo Evolved its Product Over the Years

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Pepsi is one of the largest and most successful companies in the world , According this video we got different strategy which applied effectively and Pepsi ultimately attain a good feedback from this strategy. From this video we see Pepsico sales is uprising day by day while other company are fail to maintain their growth. As sales continue to rise, its customer ,dividend, riskof returns, and threats also pepsico is a global product so they are very much concern about their product quality, adaptation of this product in different culture people.Over the last few years Company mainly focus on their product development, they are taking different step to develop their product quality and also reducing chemicals which is harmful for health.
In different statistics shows that, they are improving their product within by 2015 such as,increasing water use efficiency,less package weight, less electricity uses in production,actually they are want producing their product which has no negative impact in our environment.
However, the concern at PepsiCo is more related to their flagship brand, Pepsi itself. Only last year it lost its long-term second place in the US market, with Diet Coke sales now exceeding Pepsi. In fact, Pepsi has lost about four market share points in the last ten years in the now declining US carbonated soft drink market. Hence, they introduced Pepsi Next in the US in February 2012; a brand that they hope will become the 'choice of the NEXT…