How Personal Responsibility is the Essence of Human Character Essay

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Personal responsibility is the essence of human character. But it is to me a demonstration of one’s own ability to hold themselves accountable for upholding their values and morals ensuring their needs are met, and maintaining a viable lifestyle. Taking responsibility for your actions rather they are good or bad, being able to acknowledge your accomplishments as well as your shortcomings. Dealing with the consequences that may arise rather than run from them. We all choose the road we will travel as long as we take responsibility for the outcome that may arise.
Personal responsibility can greatly impact your college success it is up to you to want to do your best. You have to set your goals that you want to accomplish and see them through. You are the only person who can hold yourself back. Being in college can be a very trying time, it is totally different from being in a high school. During high school years the level of concentration and executing is mediocre because it’s more of practicing your skills, doing homework, and your teacher constantly reminding you what is due. But in college it is on a higher level, you can’t miss anything because if you do you’ve already missed a lot. You have your deadline to get assignments done and you must be able to comprehend what is being taught, there is no holding the students hand to help them get by in class. This can deter students but it is very important to stay focused and motivated to be successful in college. You