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ESL 1420

Psychologists have the idea that certain ways of thinking can cause some mental health problems such as phobias. Phobia is defined as a fear or a fear anomaly. A phobia is an intense fear of something that, in reality, poses little or no actual danger. Common phobias and fears include closed-in places, heights, highway driving, snakes etc. There are different types of phobia. There are several types phobia such as fear of the dog, fear of speaking or fear of heights. Some people have panic out of the elevator and never use the elevator. Fear of phobia is very strong, probably more confidential and sometimes is not very important. Phobia is an extreme fear, but differ from each other because the phobia is physical, continues for a long time and the person himself is not able to control. As a result you have great difficulty in social situations, which can affect your day-to-day life. I can tell you that taught phobia when you're a child, so afraid of the water, the dog or height. When you are adults also may have fear of the past or the future. Finally, we can say that phobia learned during human life and is treatable.
(6)Many people have a fear or two, for example, mice or go to the beach. So many people put a lot of importance and this brings about changes in their lives that may seem insignificant, but if you look in the complex phobia brings substantial changes in the lives of these people. For most people, these fears are small.(2) Sometime when fear becomes so severe that they cause great distress and interfere with your normal life, they enter your life and should be treated.(9) The good news is that phobias can be managed and healed. Self-help strategies and therapies to a psychologist can help you overcome your fears and start living the life you want. (11)As soon as understanding phobia, the first step is to overcoming it. (3) It’s important to know that phobias are common. (5) Having a phobia doesn’t mean you’re crazy! It also helps to know that phobias are highly treatable. You can overcome your anxiety and fear, no matter how out of control it feels. (8) Since phobias are common, we know, but they do not always cause significant concern. For