How Products Are Developed to Sustain Competitive Advantage in Adidas Company: Essay

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In business, competitive advantage can be defined as the strategic advantage that one business entity has over its rivals within the same competitive industry. Achieving a competitive advantage puts the business in a stronger position within its business environment. For this we need to develop our products and services day by day according to our customers’ needs and wants.
There are several ways in which a business might think about developing a product in order to sustain or build a competitive advantage:

• Staged release into the market: It could be considered beneficial to hold back certain developments you have made to a product so that you can release an improved version of the product periodically, rather than release it once
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Moreover, the development of a strong competitive advantage has been Adidas’ major concern, and this is further emphasized by the existence of a large number of heavyweight competitors operating in the athletic clothing market, in the names of Nike, Puma, Reebok and others. Taking into consideration the fact that a company’s competitive advantage is established on the concept of added value, Adidas is directed at making marketing efforts towards producing quality products, which lasts for longer time, for its customers.
Adidas has been a hugely successful business enterprise right from the moment of its establishment. Adidas was able to be successful in the market because of its inventions and creations and most importantly, developing of its existing products. The high degree of orientation to technological development has created the expected added valued for customers, especially through the Company’s policy to provide them with the necessary technological applications, for example high performance sports shoes, in order for specific customer needs to be met.
While technological superiority of its products is the primary factor of market penetration for Adidas, intense and targeted marketing promotion is the second most important ingredient of its recipe for success throughout the globe. One of the very essential elements of its promotion