How Religion Cause War

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individual and also helps him to explain mental thoughts and answer questions such as how the world began? What is life? Religion is associated with culture as it contains practices and rituals. In today’s world, there have been many wars fought over many different things, they can range from freedom, oil, and religion. Religion being a matter of belief and in most cases a blind following of rules puts the various religions in a crash path due to the differences in opinions and also the availability of information. The question as to whether religion causes war is as debatable as the comparison of religions themselves.
There were many wars fought over religion, for example the thirty years war. The thirty years war was one of the major wars fought over religion. It was mostly fought in what’s now Germany. The thirty years war was one of the absolute longest and most destructive, and brutal conflicts in European history. The war was mainly between Protestants and Roman Catholics; although, this eventually turned into a war including most of the European powers. The major effect of The Thirty Years War was destroying entire regions. In Germany, the disease and famine greatly decreases population, while bankrupting most of the combatant powers. Although the divisions within each military were not strictly grasping in that they were not guns for hire that changed sides from battle to battle, the soldiers that made up the regiments for the most part probably were.
Another example of a war fought over religion was the Crusades. The Crusades were some of the most famous wars,