How Ridley Scott Changes Film Industry Essay

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How Ridley Scott Changes Film Industry

How Ridley Scott Changes Film Industry Ridley Scott is one of the most essential and prominent film makers in the contemporary film industry. He was credited as director of a number of famous movies worldwide, some of which were so phenomenal as Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Blade Runner and Alien. Ridley Scott is also the head of RSA Films, which works with his another more influential enterprise Scott Free Production in supporting directing in film and television industry. In his early year, Ridley Scott had the intention to join the Royal Army of Britain under the influence of his elder brother as an officer in the navy. However, Ridley Scott ended up gaining education in several colleges of art as his father encouraged him to explore his artistic potential and pursue media career. This was the first and the most important moment of conflict between Scott’s experiences of both structure and agency. During the period of Ridley Scott’s study in Royal College of Art in London, Scott was actively involved in the college magazine ARK and helped with the college’s initial foundation of film department. His individual endeavor started to have influence in the organizational level. After graduation, Ridley Scott joined BBC and worked with several TV series, but quitted eventually as the result of dissatisfactory reward from BBC. This organizational experience again changed the course of Ridley Scott’s life. His individual ambition served as agency, which made Scott found RSA later with his brother and started to become producer in the media realm. The actual event that