How Safe Is Visa's Zero Liability?

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When you play online casino games, you’re looking for a little fun and excitement, plus a chance to win some money. The method that you use to deposit funds into your account is important. You certainly don’t want to compromise your financial security to experience the thrill of winning a jackpot.

Visa cards, both credit cards, prepaid and gift cards, are alternatives you can use to deposit funds to your game account. Here’s some information that shows why Visa is a great choice for online casino players.

Zero Liability

When customers use their Visa card responsibly, Visa feels it is their duty to give you complete protection from being liable for unauthorized use of your card. Visa’s zero liability policy means that you can use your card
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Four Visa card options allow you to transfer money to these cards, keeping balances at whatever you decided, then using them exclusively for online casino gaming.

Visa Debit

The Visa Debit Card functions almost exactly like a normal credit card for online purchases. The difference is, you can never have your balance amount exceeded. This adds an extra measure of protection against someone swindling you using a large charge limit, trying to run up maximum charges on your account.

You will only have the balance on the card and can actually transfer exactly the amount you want to deposit into your game account. If you decide to use your Visa Debit Card for online gaming for this reason, be sure not to register for overdraft protection. Keep your card set to accept a transaction only if there are sufficient funds available.

Visa Electron

Similar to the Visa Debit Card, the Visa Electron works in the same manner. This card does not work in the United States, but is a great option for playing on international online casinos. There is no option for overdraft protection, so only the balance on the card is ever