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Changing Ideas Of The Solar System

Ideas about the solar system have changed through the centuries. From the thoughts of Ptolemy to scientists today. Some used to say the earth was flat and if you kept going you would just fall into a pit of nothing and now we know that it is round. Besides there are many other planets similar but different to ours and the way that they have been created is a mystery all its own. Many scientists over the past, present and future has been discovering how the solar system was created the way it is, is a spot of luck of a confusing mixture of elements? Now we are going to discover what scientists have thought and think about the universe.

What is at the centre of our universe??
What do you think?
Well many scientists in the past Such as Ptolemy and Christians used to, (until Science showed them that they were wrong and that took a few hundred years) used to say that earth used to be at the centre of the universe and of everything. Then scientists did more research and experiments and studying and came to realise that it was not the earth that was at the centre of everything but it was our glorious Life-giving Sun.

Ptolemy was an early Greek astronomer, and as most people believed Ptolemy thought the solar system was geocentric (that he thought that the Earth was at the centre of the universe) and that it was the most important thing and that everything revolved around it. He believed that the stars were lights attached to a crystal sphere that spun around the Earth. He thought that the planets travelled on spheres of their own. To account for the more subtle motions, Ptolemy believed that each planet also moved on a smaller sphere - an epicycle. Ptolemy's view of the universe was thought to be valid and current for 1,500 years, But he was proven wrong by Galileo Galilei in 1609 when he came along and looked at the heavens through a telescope who showed moons which didn't revolve around Earth, but around a different planet and changed the world of science forever.

Also in the religion Catholics believe that God created it all. That God created all for US, not to live on earth or to explore it, his laws restricting the speed of light so that we gaze up and at His work. It wasn't till relatively recent times they even believed the Earth was over 6000 years old which is where the bibles 'history' places us. The Church believes that the whole world, the solar system included was created out of nothing by God. That it was created with God as its end, and it is there for the service of man.

Similarly Johannes Kepler managed to attempt to realize how to predict orbits, and released his studies and works involving it, which became summed up into the 3 Kepler's laws of planetary motion. Through his equations and formulae and he managed to accurately predict the orbits and motions of the planets in our solar system. He came up with 3 new laws of nature which are: * Planets move in elliptical motions, with the sun at one focus point. * A line joining the planet and the sun sweeps out equal area over equal time. * The time it takes for a planet to orbit the sun squared, is equal to the average distance between the planet and the sun cubed. *
Nicolaus Copernicus' major theory was published in De revolutionises orbium coelestium (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres), in the year of his