How teens now resemble teens from Anne frank’s time period Essay

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Teenagers; everyone has been one, is one, or will be one. They are adventurous and silly; they try to be as grown up as possible, yet it never seems to work. Throughout each decade, the teenager seemed to evolve into the teens we see today. How have they changed? Are they at all the same? What is so different about the teenagers of today and those of decades past?
During the 1940's, American teens separated themselves from adults. They had their own dance; the jitterbug. They had their own style; saddle shoes, oversized multi-print skirts, zoot suits, and wide brimmed hats. They went to clubs that served oversized menus and soda. At the clubs, they would listen to the greats of their time; Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong. They would go dancing in ballrooms, go for a walk outside, and just enjoy life.
Teens today do things a lot differently. Girls wear clothing that shows more skin. Guys wear oversized pants and oversized shirts. A lot of today's teens like to party, so some will get fake ID's so they can get into 21 and over clubs. Here, they can get alcohol easily. They can even get their hands on illegal drugs. Their taste in music is much different as well. There is a wide variety of styles now, many of which include, rock, pop, dance, R&B, and rap. Today's teens also have technology all around them. They can play video games, computer games, go on the internet, watch television and talk on their cell phones, while the teens of the forties could listen to the radio and talk on the phone. Teens were raised much differently in the forties than they are today. In the forties, girls were taught how to cook, clean, sew,