Essay on How Temper Tantrum Ruins Relationships

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It was a loud day in 4th grade every child was yelling.We were all excited about going to a feild trip to Amazing jakes it was going to be awsome.My friends were all fighting over who was going to sit next to me.We all got to Amazing jakes.I ran to the lazer tag section.Bria and I ran to the lazer tag section,and had to wait in a long time.Then finally it got to the time where the staff working their chose people to chose their teams he chose Bria for the red team and he chose this other kid for this other team yellow.Bria was chosing her team mates.All of the sudden she named the last person's name.I was so mad ,because I thought I was her bestfriend.I walked out of the lazer tag section and went down to the ballon guy section everyone was laughing I thought they were laughing ,because I through a fit.I was even more mad at Bria.She told me "ignore them it's ok you don't have to get mad".I answered "yes I can." Then I went back to where I was.I asked this girl why were y'all laughing.She said that it was ,because the man that was blowing the ballons for kids ,and one poped.I was so ashamed that I didn't talk to Bria for the of time.Untill she tippy toed to me trying to tell me something.She told me that ,its ok if I got mad ,because I thought the people were all laughing at me. I answerd back "im still mad about you not choosing me for your team-mate." She said I did that so that we can compete as friends."Oh" I said.Well then im sorry I was thinking to myself. she replied