How the Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point. Essay

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Leadership is a quality that not many people behold as a personality trait. In my experiences , I believe that being a leader helps improve ones self being. I feel that my peers and others could learn valuable life lessons through participating in school organizations. As for me I have been honored to be in a few leadership positions. This makes me believe that my involvement and leadership I posses would add to the breadth and richness of the Penn-State college community.
I consider myself to be a very involved student and leader in my high school. I even went to a summer workshop for a week this past summer to broaden my knowledge on leadership. I am a highly active member of our high school's student council. I am the treasurer for the 2011 and 2012 school year for this student council; I work almost every single day with my advisers even if my treasury work is done, I will help where ever it is needed. I will be going to the PASC conference this November for a weekend and running a workshop. The workshop I will be running is about communication to enlarge other leaders in their communicating abilities. I will also be attending another conference and going to workshops so I can expand my leadership skills even farther. I also am the chairman of two committees and have been chairman of committees in years past. I put together our schools eighth grade orientation, so the upcoming students can be prepared for their first year of high school. I also run the schools recycling which I enjoy, because I want to pursue in a career with the environment and that's why I am also a member of environmental club and its mentoring program. With the environmental mentor program we bring kinder garden students to a near by refuge and teach them things about the earth and how to protect it. But my most important role of being a leader would have to be the freshmen mentoring program that I run. This year a few girls and I were the leaders of