How The Characters Reflected In Stranded

Words: 513
Pages: 3

Personal Response- I liked this book because it was about adventure. There was a lot of nerve racking scenes where I was cringing a lot. I got really scared for one of them at one point in the book. I called Jeff Probst and made sure this wasn't a true story.

Plot- This was about four kids that went on a seven day boat trip. But they end up in a storm. The older two adults got on life rafts, but the four kids stayed on the boat. The boat ended up on an island and the four kids had to learn to survive together. They had little to no food, a tank full of water, but the tank had a hole in it. They hit the tank with an axe and watched all the water drain out. They then had to all go look for water, but had no luck. One of them who was named Vanessa tried to fix a SAT phone but only got a two minute phone call out of it. The two minutes was not long enough for the Coast Guard to trace them.
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The book started out with all six of the characters on a boat set out on a vacation. What they did not know was there was a storm moving in. Joe and Dexter were the captains of the Lucky Star. The Lucky Star is there boat. Jane and Buzz are brother and sister. Vanessa and Carter are also brother and sister. The vacation they were on is to bond the four siblings together, but what they did not know was there lives were about to change forever.

Theme- I chose Fear of Failure as my theme,because if one of the four kids happend to fail at anything there doing it can cost him/her there life. All four kids say in the book at one point if they don't do this they will die. If any of them were to fail at getting food they would all starve. If they cannot find any fresh water they will all die, unless they know how to get water from digging a whole of a tree. The two captains Joe and Dexter failed at staying on their boat and they paid with their