How the Course on Public Health Was Useful Essay

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Week 2
Public Health 200 was very beneficial in helping fulfill, as well as fully comprehend the objectives, as well as competencies needed to be achieved. The course helped me fully understand how to analyze a policy, as well as understand the process that one must undertake, in regards to policy making. Along with this competency, the course helped me realize how rigorous the process of developing a policy may be. Through the group work that was occurring in class, I learned how the presentation of policies to a diverse group is and how to be a better public speaker to help those unaware of a certain policy understand what the implications of it may be. Developing advocacy strategies for policy positions was another competency the course really helped me understand, as the papers that we had to submit on a weekly basis for the course really challenged my aptitude upon researching a particular topic. Evaluating the policy positions was also fulfilled in that I never really understand how to properly read a policy that was in place and then interpret what was being addressed. Through a lot of the discussions, as well as analysis we were required to do, I was able to really understand what a policy was attempting to say and fully comprehend the language by which it was worded. Overall, I felt the course really helped me become not only a more educated professional in the realm of Public Health, but also a more educated citizen. I feel that now whenever I am required to