Essay on How the Creepers Died Out

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A Story of How the Creepers Died Out
Rauel Rakhamimov
What would it be like if you wake up in a world where you have to mine and kill pigs to live seems easy enough right NO!
People can go crazy while searching for diamonds they could get stuck in lava (nubs) possible fall into a dreaded dungeon a ravine or the most deadliest the abandoned mine shaft! I’ll list all the monsters out there to find you while your finding wood or iron etc… well you spawn in you go through the jail of banned people you see people screaming DON’T GO OUT THERE THEY’LL TAKE YOUR LIFE! Steve didn’t pay attention they’re banned anyway what they could know. He meets the defenders who are shifting nervously and some even commit suicide Steve laughs at them and thinks how stupid this server is he meets Hero brine and the holy god of mine craft Notch! He says who are they Notch goes quiet and says “well that’s what you’re here for savior”. Suddenly BOOM people’s body parts start flying around and an eye ball laa man nervous like everyone else says “they’ve teamed up with the ender man and the skeletons and the spiders oh well that’s not the point they can now get into our houses the mine got closed down cause gravel doesn’t defy gravity and all the miners are in there thank god they have torches or they would’ve been goners”. Notch sips a glass of wine and suddenly passes out and Hero Brine says he got bit by a blue spider in a mine shaft maybe on purpose. Steve says do you guys know what and HUD is Hero Brine says OF COURSE FAST SWITCH HARD TO PEACEFUL NAOOOOO!!!!!!!! BUT SIR THEY ALL…