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how the world changes

The world is changing and people should change with it. There will always be people that don’t change and keep their traditions. But the hard truth is to have a successful life you need to change and adapt for the better although that is a hard aspect to grasp onto it is still possible. It takes a lot of courage to change it is quit a journey to change, it is the human condition to stay the same and not to change because people get used to the way they live and try their hardest to keep it that way. There are moments in everyone’s life when they have the chance to change for the better.

In many forms of literature it shows that people can change for the better. Literature reflects what may happen in everyday life. Society may also be why people need to change just like in “birches” by Robert Frost we see that the old man was change from being a kid and have almost no responsibility to having to many and not having time to him and relax which is a little sad. Or another example of society or community causing people to be a change but then they realize they have to change is in “interlopers” the two men were raised to hate each other until on one faithful day they finally grew past it and realized it was dumb to argue so they became friends.

In “waters of Babylon” it shows that people need to change in many ways. Such as going and learning what is out there to learn about. But people were scared to see what was out there because they were scared of the outcome or having their beliefs changed because who really wants to change their beliefs.

In the short story the “initiation” a girl wants to be in a club but then she realized she didn’t want to anymore because she was leaving her friend behind and not being an good friend anymore so she decided not to join because they did not accept her friend and her. Which is another way the community needs to change their traditions and be more accepting? Then again it is real hard to change traditions, most people wouldn’t want