how to act when losing/missing a child from nursery Essay

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If a child was to go missing I would stay calm, talk to my work colleagues and follow allsorts day nursery missing child procedures; the procedure I would follow is that one adult would go and search for the missing child while the others stay with the rest of the children, keeping them calm and reassuring them. If the child is not found after a quick search, a qualified staff member is to inform the nursery manager of the situation. Another wider search to be carried out by one or two members of staff if possible, if child is still missing after ten minutes the police would be contacted by dialling 999 and informing them of the child giving them as much information as possible, such as Childs name, age and how long the child has been missing. Contact the manager giving her an update of the situation, the manager would then need to contact the child’s parents to explain to them the situation. The whole group is to stay in the area and wait for the police, once police arrive, a member of staff gives them as much information as possible, take the children back to the nursery as soon as police give clearance for that and a qualified member of staff to be left at the scene. I feel our policies help us keep all the children safe inside and out side of the nursery. We keep to the correct ratio and maintain the registers, we take the resister with us if a majority of the room are leaving the room to go on an outing, to the garden and also if the fire alarm sounds. We also…