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The beginning of last year was when I had finally got a job as an assistant at a hair salon . As an assistant I mostly had to clean the salon. I did things like sweep up the hair, wash the towels, answer the phone, make the appointments, and shampoo peoples hair. Now you would think all that sweeping and washing someone’s hair would be easy. That’s what I thought before I worked at a hair salon. What I soon realized was there was actually steps to washing someone’s hair. First even before a client arrives you need to look at the appointment book and see what time they will be arriving and get everything set up in the shampoo room before they showed up. As the client walks into the salon you have to be ready for them and greet them right at the door. For me I would need to ask them how they were take their jacket for them and ask if they wanted any water or coffee. If so you would have to get what they asked for. Next you would need to ask the client if they were all ready to start the hair washing process. If so you would sit the client down and tuck a plastic bag into there shirt on the back of their neck. After the plastic you need to put a towel over it and you have to flatten it on their back so the water doesn’t run down their neck. Then you have to lean them back and sometimes they are too tall or too short so you have to adjust the chair to their height so their neck doesn’t hurt. Once you get them situated you lean them back and take the hose and point it down before turning on the water or else you will get splashed and drenched like you just came out of the shower. You wet their hair and also make sure the temperature is ok for the client. Then you put on the shampoo. As you shampoo you have to scrub their head and some people like it soft but some people like it when you really scrub hard like you were getting a massage . You would need to make sure it wouldn’t get in their eyes and ears. Some people would get a little annoyed and uncomfortable if that happened, and that’s not what anyone wants. As you rinse out the shampoo you would make sure the temperature of the water is still to the clients likings because it sometimes…