How to avoid being an accused witch Essay

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How to avoid death as an accused witch Revenge is killing thousands of people in Salem, Massachusetts. There is no actual proof to convict these people, but this town has the next best thing, the Holy Bible. Ministers who specialize in recognizing witchcraft are summoned to examine the accused and sign their death sentences. In reality, the majorities of these people are being accused because they were prosperous and have things that others want. In order to avoid the fate of the accused, there are a couple of steps that must be followed. The first thing you must do is confess to having seen the devil and consorted with him. Once you’ve confessed, or rather, convinced others of your false relationship with the evil spirits, your soul is saved. Your “confession” must be believable; it must convince the minister that you are ready for forgiveness. The best ways to accomplish this would be to get on your knees and clasp your hands as if in prayer. Then, continually beg for God’s forgiveness for your sin. You could even start to cry and sob uncontrollably. Your confession must become a theatrical performance in which you are the lead. Without a believable confession, you will be arrested and executed at the scaffold the next week.
After you have given a believable confession, the next thing you will be asked to do is give the names of other people who have sinned along with you. This step is the easiest because it is the most enjoyable. You must think of the first names that come to your mind and cry out that you have seen them writing their names in the devil’s black book. It would benefit you and be more entertaining if you choose people who have wronged you or that you are jealous of. Once you have accused these people they will be arrested, imprisoned, and executed at your delight. The last and most important thing you must do is try…