How To Be American Essay

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To be American Essay To me too be American is too always Improve life for for one’s self and one’s family. My mom has helped me and my siblings through life by working job at her job, making sure we go to school, keeping food in the fridge and keeping us out of trouble. From her guidance, I plan on going to college and getting a job to make life even better for me and my family in the future. To be American means to work hard for things you want and need. To me this means nothing is guaranteed in life. Just because someone you were picked or accepted into something, doesn’t mean other people want the same thing. An example of this is being on a varsity basketball team. Just because someone made the team doesn’t mean that they will play. Working hard and earning ones spot is the only way to contribute to the team. American people are born with the opportunity to choose their future. Even if someone is born in a rough setting, The American system has found a way to help, for example if a child doesn’t have a way to school there is a city bus to pick them up. Some kids don’t have the money to get into college. Part time Jobs and student loans can cover finances for college. As long as Americans are willing to put in the work towards their future, many opportunities are available for them to succeed. I feel as being American and living in America gives me many more opportunities for one to succeed than people in other countries would. I feel the way because America