Should Government Be Able To Restrict What Is Sold In High School Cafeterias?

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Should the government be able to restrict what is sold in high school cafeterias? I enjoy getting food from my school’s cafeteria once and a while and it would be a shame if they government took that freedom away from us of being able to buy the food we want. The government should not be able to restrict what is sold in high school cafeterias. Students in high school are old enough to make their own decisions and food choices. If the government were to set restrictions, it would cause the schools with restrictions to lose money because fewer students would be buying the food. Finally, most students only buy their lunches in the cafeteria as a break or treat from their regular every day food from home. First of all, students in high school are at an age where they are old enough to make their own food choices. What students choose to eat is not the school’s or the government’s responsibility. Also, if the majority of the students are able to drive on their own, or at least with a parent or other adult should be old enough to decide what they eat for lunch each day. Finally, the government, our parents and our teachers always tell us that we should be more independent and mature and have a lot more freedom once we reach high school by if the government restricted what food we can buy in school cafeterias then that would be taking away a bunch of our freedom and independence. Secondly, if the government did put out restrictions then many schools would lose money because a lot less people would be buying food since the government would be restricting the food to being healthy and not a lot of high school students want that. Schools generally sell their food for more money than they originally buy it for and they always need a fresh stock of food so they still need to buy if there are less people buying the food then a lot of it would just be going to waste causing the school to lose money. Finally students don’t generally want to be spending their money on food they can get for free at home because there is no point in wasting the money they have when you could bring it from home and not have to use any money. Finally, most students only buy their lunches as a break or treat from