Essay about How to Be Successful in College

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WRC 1013.02S
August 10th, 2010
How to be successful in college The transition for most of the high school student to college can be a difficult and stressful time. College life is not only change of study place, college is a huge different life change, this transition from high school to college include amount of new challenges. That challenges include, new friends, take own decision, time management, independence from parents rules, new social norms, and financial management, but how freshman student can face up to new challenges? Many important things are necessary to establishing effective early habits and implement them since the beginning to get off with the right foot. The new college students must keep an appropriate management of personal finances to keep in balance, expenditures and incomes. Planning time also allow freshman carry out their responsibilities, but at the same time the best way to invest the free time to create a new network, practice favorites sport, meditate about your goals, make some exercises ,also take a weekend to travel to somewhere that never have been before is a good way to relax. In addition must to do everything with dedication. Dedication is the narrow line to separate looser and winner. However, all those new issued represent for some freshman a nightmare. The pressure for all those responsibilities associated with don’t have somebody who can help, are the most common cause for strees. Streess appear in freshman for many different reason such as academic demands for assignment in classes such as freshman composition or calculus, or pass the finals exams. Also freshman impose goal their self unachievable, that cause frustration or lack of motivation . Peer pressure is also another important into the freshman world. Per pressure is when "friends" persuade you to doing something that you don’t want to do, many students are vulnerable to peer-pressure because they are afraid of being rejected, losing friends something that they don’t want to do, This put the student between the devil