How To Be Truly American Essay

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Kenneth Toles
Professor Busby
Literature 221
November 23, 2014

Rick Tyler: The American
To be truly American is a hard thing to achieve. There are so many different ways to live life. The American way, of course, is the easy way. At least, that is the common perception of the American way. The whole world sees America as a lazy country that does not even want to keep its own companies in it. America outsources, takes what other countries have discovered, and incorporates other countries’ ideals in the creation of everyday products.
On the inside, down deep, America is beautiful. America has always been known as one of the greatest countries, since it was established. For decades, it has been known as the land of the free and home of the
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No matter how innocent Rick was, the sheriff could not be convinced. The sheriff blindly followed the law, and did not take Rick’s character into question when pursuing the fugitive. The same can be said when discussing America. Terrorists will never truly understand the good of America, because they blindly follow whatever leader stands up and tells them to attack. They will always follow what they believe in, and they will never admit their wrongs. America has to constantly make a decision, whether to be a coward, or stand tall and fight, just like Rick Tyler.
To say Rick Tyler is truly American, the symbolism between the two must be taken into account. With all of the different ways that Rick Tyler can be perceived, he is a symbol of America. He can be viewed as a brave man, making a statement against the law. After all, he was allowing himself to be seen by everyone except the sheriff and his deputies. He could have been seen as a rebel, a term that started with America. Rebel is synonymous with America.
To be truly American, a person has to embrace what America is. Rick Tyler embodied the entire image of America. To the people of America, it is a place where anything can happen. Where people are treated fairly, and at times, unfairly. America is home to so many different people, of so many different races and religions. The races and religions have nothing to do with Rick Tyler’s comparison to America, but they do play a part in how America is